PG-1600X v2.0 Published

I’ve just published v2.0 of the PG-1600X synth editor for the Peavey PC-1600X hardware MIDI controller. This revision brings several improvements and now includes controls for the Roland JX-3P keyboard (with Organix MIDI mod) as well as the Roland JX-8P, the Roland MKS-50, and the Roland MKS-30/”Planet S” (with Johannes Steinhauser MIDI mod). You can find it on the Music Technology page. [END] Permalink: PG-1600X v2.0 Published

“Conspiracy” Page Added

My first addition in six weeks is a page devoted to some of my overarching thoughts about the “conspiracy” research movement as a whole as well as some sample videos from the same. Please enjoy. [END] Permalink: “Conspiracy” Page Added

Still Not Nationalist Enough

America, your xenophobia makes you so…manageable. [END] Permalink: Still Not Nationalist Enough

PG-1600X Update Coming Soon

As luck would have it, I’ve gained an opportunity to work with an Organix-upgraded Roland JX-3P, so I’ll be publishing a revamped PG-1600x editor to control and edit it in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Music Theory Tutorial Coming Soon

Hello world! It has been a while since I have made any substantial additions to this site as I have had my fingers in a lot of different pies for some time now. I suppose you could say that my best-known project, “The Columbine Cause,” (which needs a substantial revision, BTW, one which I can’t quite seem to bring myself to perform) was only the first of many; however, most of them have yet to bear fruit.

That will start to change soon, though, as I am planning to publish a music theory tutorial some time in the next few months. This is a project which I’ve wanted to create for about twenty years, since I first was taught enough theory to write with. What struck me most at that time about it was how quickly I learned it, and how seemingly easily the “keys to the kingdom,” as it were, could be passed along, if only someone were to put together a concise presentation for that purpose. Well, I now believe that that time is coming, so please stay tuned! [END] Permalink: Music Theory Tutorial Coming Soon

PG-1600X Editor Now Published

The PG-1600X is a hardware-based synth voice editor for the Peavey PC1600X MIDI controller and the Roland JX-8P, Roland MKS-50, and Roland MKS-30/”Planet S” synthesizers. It is currently in version 1.0. Full details are contained in the release notes within the ZIP package. Please enjoy! [END] Permalink: PG-1600X Editor Now Published

The 2014 Relaunch of

Four years ago, I set up to house “The Columbine Cause” and related works of mine. It served that purpose well, but I felt as time went on that the site was accumulating some significant clutter. Recently, I got around to giving it a tuneup.

If you’re looking for a particular feature that isn’t available at present, please be patient as it may reappear soon. Otherwise, you can use the contact form to make info requests if you’re in a hurry to find something that I’ve done.

For the foreseeable future, I plan to focus my efforts on creating and publishing longer works rather than many short, blog-style entries, so you can probably expect to see fewer and less frequent, but higher-quality updates on the site.

As always, I thank my loyal audience for coming here and supporting my work. There’ll be more to come in the not-too-distant future. [END] Permalink: The 2014 Relaunch of