The TSA’s Body Scanners by Chertoff and the Underwear Bomber False Flag Event

Above, fictitious bogeyman/George W. Bush alter ego Osama bin Laden demonstrates his Photoshopped pleasure at the beginnings of the more advanced phases of America’s national lockdown. Below, the TSA and their body scanners, which were promoted by former DHS head Michael Chertoff, who stood to gain financially from their use, after what was surely a false flag terror scare, are shown to be a public menace. It’s our choice but it doesn’t come easily: “Papers, please” or “People Power.” TSA Agent Accused of Stealing Cash from Wheelchair-Bound Woman TSA Pat-Down Leaves Traveler Covered in Urine TSA: Total Sexual Assault TSA Frisks Groom Children to Cooperate with Sex Predators, Abuse Expert Says TSA Agents Use Same Set of Gloves to Carry Out Multiple Grope Downs Scientists Warn Airport X-Ray Scanners May Be Unsafe Review of the TSA X-Ray Backscatter Body Scanner Safety Report: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife Refusing Full Body X-Ray Scans at the Airport “Pilot to TSA: “No Groping Me and No Naked Photos”" TSA Encounter at SAN (a must-read) “Next Step for Scanners Could Be Trains, Boats, Metro” [END] Permalink: The TSA’s Body Scanners by Chertoff and the Underwear Bomber False Flag Event

The Beltway Snipers

From Dave McGowan’s Center for an Informed America Newsletter #20 comes a special bulletin on the DC Snipers, who weaved a trail of terror roughly concurrent with the Anthrax attacks in October of 2001 during the “modernization” of the U. S. intelligence and police services beginning on 9/11/01. Excerpts:

“Although [suspect John Allen] Muhammad is generally portrayed by the media as a chronically unemployed drifter who made a habit of staying at homeless shelters, he doesn’t appear to have had money problems. Consider all of the following facts which have emerged in various press accounts: Before kidnapping his children, Muhammad was ordered to pay nearly $900 per month in child support ($869, by one account), indicating that the court had reason to believe that he had a fairly substantial income at the time. He has reportedly owned, or co-owned, a number of businesses, including a karate school, an auto repair shop, and something that he called, strangely enough, “Reality Enterprises.” A number of witnesses have commented on the incongruity of an allegedly homeless man who always had money to spend. The L.A. Times reported that a former girlfriend told her family that Muhammad’s “story didn’t make any sense … He was a hard-luck drifter with money, a man who could pick up and fly to the Caribbean whenever he got the inclination.” The same Times report added that “She wasn’t the only one asking questions … The director of the shelter has said [of Muhammad] … ‘He was rather secretive about his past and present … He was closed-mouthed. He didn’t have a visible source of income, but he was able to travel at a moment’s notice.’” The Independent Online noted that with “no apparent means of support, Muhammad and companion John Lee Malvo traveled from the Caribbean to the north-western United States, and points in between, over the past year and a half. How they financed their activities remains a mystery.” The man who runs the homeless mission where Muhammad last stayed in Washington state, Reverend Alan Archer, was reportedly “amazed to see Muhammad getting phone calls from a travel agent.” Archer recalled that Muhammad flew off on ski trips to both Denver and Salt Lake City. While living in Antigua, with no visible means of support, Muhammad nevertheless was able to send all three of his children to an exclusive, private school. [...] Clearly there was someone, or some entity, bankrolling Muhammad’s activities. Who were his hidden benefactors? The media will likely either avoid the issue entirely or attempt to link Muhammad to some sort of ‘terrorist’ organization, although it isn’t likely that many fingers will be pointed at his most likely benefactor: that world-wide terrorist organization that we all know and love as the CIA. [Update: former investigative reporter Jim Rarey has looked into Muhammad's criminal history and discovered that none of the alleged sniper's past arrests appear in the FBI's national database. Rarey has also raised questions about the ease with which Muhammad has avoided prosecution for his crimes. The obvious inference is that "the government for some reason was protecting Muhammad."

Additional stories on the gun shop which allegedly sold the sniper rifle, as well as the guns in several other shootings of a similarly questionable nature: ATF Would Pull Dealer´s License in DC Sniper Case Feds Pull License of Shop That Stocked Sniper Rifle Gun Shop´s New Operator Gets License [END] Permalink: The Beltway Snipers

Insights Gained from September 11

Author Peter Dale Scott here delivers a speech before the Coalition on Political Assassinations comparing suspicious elements in the JFK assassination and 9/11 attacks. Both Lee Harvey Oswald and most of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, for instance, were identified by the FBI under questionable circumstances within minutes of the crimes being committed. Scott’s long research into what he’s termed “Deep Politics” comes into handy use in describing the nightmare world unleashed by these traumatic events. [END] Permalink: Insights Gained from September 11

The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw

Barrie Zwicker’s “The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw” is a nice overview of the reasons to doubt the official story of the 9/11 attacks. Here is some additional information on Philip Zelikow, executive director of the 9/11 Commission and a member of the Clinton-Bush transition team. It should also be noted that 1998, the year that Zelikow’s “Catastrophic Terrorism” was published, was also the year that the neocons’ Project for the New American Century group was beginning its push on Bill Clinton to attack Iraq and essentially begin the so-called “War on Terror” at that time. [END] Permalink: The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw

J. A. Calhoun on the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

In this video, Joseph Calhoun, a researcher who has worked on projects including the Oscar-winning “The Panama Deception,” gives a lecture and displays rare television news footage concerning the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. Many have seen documentary evidence about the impossibilities and peculiarities of the official 9/11 story but data on the WTC ’93 Bombing has been much harder to come by. [END] Permalink: J. A. Calhoun on the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

Ludicrous Diversion

“Ludicrous Diversion” manages to pack what seems like three hours’ worth of information into just thirty minutes and in a highly digestible format to boot. This well recommended documentary establishes that the official version of the 7/7 subway bombings in London is flat wrong and examines the cover-up enacted to protect it as well as the repressive, police state laws which were subsequently put into place. [END] Permalink: Ludicrous Diversion

Unraveling the Sheriff’s Official Line: Columbine Researcher Rolf Zaeschmar on School Shootings and More

Download MP3 of “Unraveling the Sheriff’s Official Line”

Rolf Zaeschmar is a longtime Columbine shooting researcher who’s been on the case for over ten years. His many writings on the internet, often posted under the handle, “Starviego”, have introduced whole new audiences to a relatively unpublicized side of the attack, one which has been derived from the government documents related to it. In addition to working with the Columbine evidence, Rolf has also made connections between the profiles of other “random rage” spree killings such as Red Lake, Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University. His work deserves the attention of anyone interested in any aspect of the mass shooting phenomenon which plagues society today. Rolf was good enough to talk to me and give his thoughts on the Columbine shootings and related events.

By way of introduction, Rolf first began researching the case shortly after the shooting took place because he was skeptical of the official story. He later joined with other researchers on the internet, where he became a key contributor to efforts to expose the discrepancies between the official version and the facts as he and others had uncovered them.

Rolf’s early research suggested that an underrepresented portion of those connected with the incident were disapproving of the official version. For instance, a Columbine parent named Christian Laplante was quoted by Extra Daily News as saying, “We can’t be so stupid as to think two teenagers did this. Two adults couldn’t have done this.”

About thirteen months after the attack, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released a comprehensive presentation concerning the conclusions of their “investigation” into it. Titled Sheriff’s Office Final Report on the Columbine High School Shootings, the Sheriff’s Official Line maintained that not only had Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two Columbine seniors who had been found dead at the scene, been the only attackers on 4/20, but that none of their friends or associates had any foreknowledge of the plan. Soon afterward, the government began to publish their once-secret internal documents which had been generated during the various phases of the “investigation”. 11,000 Pages of Investigative Files, also known as the 11K, was released in November 2001 and gave a disturbing new window into the shootings which was a major break in the case for researchers like Rolf.

The revelations spurred by the release of the 11K as compiled in Rolf’s postings led to renewed interest in the case around the internet and Jefferson County came under further pressure to release the remainder of its files. In 2003, a major boost was given when the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, which had also responded to the shooting, released a report titled Reinvestigation Into the Death of Daniel Rohrbough at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. These files expanded upon what had been presented in the 11K.

According to what was now in the public domain, several witnesses to the shootings had named Columbine High School’s Trench Coat Mafia leader Chris Morris as a shooter and approximately two dozen described or named TCM member Robert Perry as the same. Still more described or named then-CHS junior and TCM member Brian Sargent as a shooter and at least one put TCM member Joe Stair on the scene that day, signficant not only due to his past threats to blow up the school but because he had graduated the year prior. In addition to these facts, several earwitnesses also told of a gunman shouting, “Joe, where are you? I’ve got three of them in here,” during the course of the siege. Many of the witnesses who ID’ed these individuals revealed that they knew precisely who it was doing the shooting because they knew them personally or from having seen them around school.

The other named suspects were rounded up within hours of the attack but despite relatively weak alibis, they were let go just as quickly.

The reported involvement of these others was officially addressed and dismissed in a Final Report file called “Trench Coat Mafia and Associates”. With the other suspects out of the way, the official focus would remain on the now very silent Harris and Klebold. However, if other attackers were involved as the many corroborating witnesses alleged, Eric and Dylan may not have been the only ones who committed serious crimes at Columbine.

According to the Sheriff’s timeline, the shootings officially began outside the school on the west stairs next to the cafeteria. This scene was witnessed by many students who stated that it was not specifically not Harris or Klebold doing the shooting, that it was specifically other individuals whom they recognized or that it was three or more individuals. Officially, after shooting outside, Klebold made a brief, unexplained foray into the cafeteria, where he did not shoot, then rejoined Harris outside. Officially, the two then entered the school through the west main doors. However, at this time, when the cafeteria surveillance cameras are conveniently missing eight minutes of footage, many witnesses reported shooters attacking the cafeteria and other, more remote parts of the citylike campus.

Although only four firearms, two shotguns and two semiautomatics, were allegedly used in the attack, many witnesses described the sound of automatic gunfire as having been heard outside and throughout the school. Also, witnesses to the alleged sale of Klebold’s TEC-9 pistol, which netted the only two prosecutions directly related to this case, those of Phil Duran and Mark Manes, described the buyer as having had acne. At no time during the 1998 to 1999 school year did Dylan Klebold have acne (January 199917 April 1999), but it was reportedly a distinctive feature of accused Columbine attacker Robert Perry.

Many other points about the official version are suspicious according to evidence found in the documents. One is that some of the deaths may not have happened the way that they were officially described.

Another point about the tragedy which almost everyone has bemoaned was the incredibly slow police response. Whereas most school shootings are stopped within minutes, the Columbine attack officially lasted for close to an hour despite hundreds of officers from over thirty agencies being present.

Although there were reports of officers attempting to enter prior to 12:00, the first organized police entry did not come until the time when Harris and Klebold officially committed suicide. It was begun on the side of the school opposite where shots were last heard and shots continued to be heard throughout the afternoon.

The explosions and gunfire which could be heard coming from within the school until up to 4 that afternoon were officially explained away as six to eight shots fired by police to open locked doors.

Having armed suspects alive in a school full of innocents for three to four hours while so many officials stood outside to “secure the perimeter” could look very bad for the authorities.

According to several corroborating witnesses, at least one unidentified adult was also an attacker at Columbine. His role in coordinating the attack and making sure it went to plan is unknown but for their part, the Columbine Trench Coat Mafia had been well-known to school authorities as a troublesome group for years prior to the attack. Afterward, however, almost everyone on the faculty played this down as much as possible.

The phenomenon of social outsiders wearing black trench coats as a symbol of separation emerged some time in the early ’90′s. It has typically been accompanied by an interest in hateful music, drug abuse and a dabbling in the occult. Many “Columbine client” murderers have worn trench coats during their attacks.

Columbine is a very high-profile mass shooting with a lot of suspicious characteristics but it isn’t the only one cast from such a mold. The Dunblane, Port Arthur and Gladio attacks, for instance, also seem to have much more to their stories than we were initially told by the governments charged with “investigating” them.

One particular string of events occurred right around the time of the Columbine attack. Numerous bomb threats and plans for school shootings in Colorado and around the nation came to light just as Columbine was hitting the news. For instance, a message was left on the nearby Stein Elementary School answering system in Lakewood which stated, “Yes, I’m one of the trench coat robbers [...] and if you don’t give up ten million dollars, we’re going to kill everybody in the school.” Curiously, according to the police files from which this anecdote arises the message was left not on April 20th but the day before, April 19th.

There are many very important facts about Columbine which have been deeply suppressed by the government and the media, which have access to all of the information Rolf and his colleagues have and more. Instead of honestly investigating the shooting, the government swept all the loose ends under the rug and busied itself with forcefully advancing a reactionary agenda. Meanwhile, the media contented itself with brutalizing audiences further via tasteless coverage of the attack which regularly included phrases such as “a grisly tableau of young bodies”, and “a bloodied young man dangled” and “a bullet slammed into her skull”.

Many repressive suggestions for change acquired support as a result of the horror caused by the Columbine attack, from the banning of the private ownership of firearms to filling the schools with police officers operating under “Zero Tolerance” principles to forcing psychiatric behavior modification onto young children. The political fallout from attacks like Columbine seems to follow a definite pattern not just in America but internationally.

If the State is involved in coverups as high-profile as the Columbine attack, it cannot jeopardize its credibility with a full confession. As such, reinvestigations typically only provide a few quality pieces of information and a lot of limited hangouts. Instead, a more widespread grassroots discussion of the suppressed evidence in crimes like Columbine may help to bring a resolution.

If there had been no patsies, Columbine would have been much more difficult to disguise as a teen-generated incident. Young people should take note that there are more pitfalls and traps strewn around the social landscape today than ever before and the stakes concerning what can go wrong have never been higher. By caring for for each other and ourselves, we may be less vulnerable to exploitation by a conspiracy seeking to cause our downfall.

Thanks to the hard work of Rolf and his colleagues, the Echoes of Columbine message board is full of quality research about the Columbine attack. The following posts by Rolf concern Columbine attack suspects Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

The following posts by Rolf concern the other Columbine attack suspects as well as possible causative forces in the attack.

The following posts by Rolf concern the weapons reportedly used in the attack.

The following posts by Rolf concern deaths related to the attack.

The following posts by Rolf concern the relationship of law enforcement to the attack.

The following posts by Rolf are organized around particular releases of government documents related to the Columbine attack.

The following posts by Rolf concern other mass shootings and similar attacks.

[END] Permalink: Unraveling the Sheriff’s Official Line: Columbine Researcher Rolf Zaeschmar on School Shootings and More

Painful Deceptions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attacks

Eric Hufschmid’s “Painful Deceptions” was the first comprehensive, feature-length video exposé of the physical impossibilities of the official story of the 9/11 attacks of September 2001. From the collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven to alleged hijackers who have reportedly turned up alive after the crashes, “Painful Deceptions” is full of information you’ll never see frankly discussed in the tightly censored mainstream media. [END] Permalink: Painful Deceptions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attacks

Judicial-Inc’s Columbine Shooting Pages

Judicial-Inc's Columbine Pages

In October 2007, I released a video called “The Columbine Cause”, which discusses many reported features of the 1999 Columbine High School attack which were never fully discussed in major media. Some of these features include reports of additional dead, additional shots fired, and above all, additional attackers other than the two found in the library, the alleged suicides and Columbine High School seniors, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

While doing research for the presentation, I came across an internet site called The site features discussions of many acts of terrorism including the attack on Columbine. The site is popular and well-known; a web search on the word, “Columbine”, for example, will usually bring up Judicial’s main page on the attack within the top ten to twenty results.

Judicial has published information concerning the many well-grounded reports which conflict with the official story of the attack, many of which are substantiated by information found in the police and FBI’s own records. However, their presentation is riddled with either incredibly sloppy fact-checking or a conscious attempt to distort the facts in favor of pointing a finger toward the Jewish in a false way.

In light of this realization, I contacted an individual called “The_Skunk”, who runs the site, and shared with him some of my concerns, and him asked for some sources on what I knew to be fraudulent portrayals of Columbine information. “The_Skunk” responded that my questions might be, quote, “right on” and suggested that I publish a web site to counter his. Below are some of Judicial’s main claims about the Columbine attack, followed by my commentary.

Assertion One: Eric Harris was Jewish.

Judicial’s source for this statement is a Salon article by Jill Wolfson called “Hurting Young Men Put Pen to Rage” which contains the quote, “My mother is Jewish! [...] Dreydl power!” However, a careful read of the article, or even a not-so-careful read of the article, reveals that, although she was writing about him, Wolfson was not quoting Eric Harris but rather, an unnamed boy in one of her writing classes. If Harris was Jewish, Judicial’s source doesn’t show it.

Assertion Two: Harris’ diaries contained a plan to escape to Israel after the attack, which would be helpful to him because Israel considers all Jews automatic citizens and will not extradite them to foreign nations to stand trial for crimes committed in those nations.

For the reason stated in the response to assertion one above, this policy of Israel’s would probably not have been helpful to Eric Harris. Nevertheless, in 2006, a nearly one thousand page file of diaries and other writings attributed to Harris, Dylan Klebold and others was released by law enforcement authorities (part one | part two). However, the only escape fantasy it seems to contain is a piece attributed to Harris which described escaping after a violent attack to, “some island somewhere or maybe mexico (sic), new zelend (sic) or some exotic place where americans (sic) can’t get us”. This is found on pages JC-001-026343 to JC-001-026344. If anyone can find a page number for the Israel entry, please share it.

Assertion Three: CHS class of 1998 Joe Stair claimed that the Trench Coat Mafia group was founded to protect a “gay Jewish kid”.

Judicial provides a link to another Salon article by Dave Cullen called “Inside the Columbine High Investigation” which contains the sentence, “The rumors seem to have originated two years ago, with a single member of the Trench Coat Mafia who may have been gay or bisexual.” As you will notice, the member is not named.

Assertion Four: The three boys arrested in a field during the attack, the so-called “Splatterpunks”, were named “Siegel, Cohen and Smith”.

All of the police files and media coverage, including an appearance on Sally Jesse Raphael’s talk show, indicates that these individuals’ names were Matt Akard, Jim Brunetti and Matt Nalty, except some media reports which had “Christianson” as Nalty’s last name. Judicial gives no reason as to why it falsely gave these individuals Jewish names.

Assertion Five: An older-looking male named Nathan Klein was publicly arrested for having some connection or alleged connection to the attack.

The name, “Nathan Klein”, appears nowhere in the police documents related to the attack, nor in any media articles about it. While several witnesses who took cover in the science rooms during the attack reportedly told police that they saw an older individual who appeared to be balding and in his thirties holding a sawed-off shotgun in the halls of Columbine, the individual in Judicial’s picture does not match his description, nor a witness’s sketch of the gunman. Judicial does not give any further explanation but Columbine shooting researcher Rolf Zaeschmar informs me that the image is of Larry Scott Petty, an armed individual who was arrested on-scene that day.

Assertion Six: Some police connected with the “investigation” of the attack believed that the Jewish Defense League, or JDL, was involved in constructing some of the bombs used against the school.

While some reports surfaced that some law enforcement agents at the scene remarked that some of the bombs used in the attack appeared to have been too sophisticated for two teenagers to have built themselves, I was unable to find any articles mentioning the JDL specifically. Judicial provides no source for the statement.

Judicial-Inc’s authors are mixing important information about major cover-ups with a high percentage of misinformation. I strongly suggest that anyone using Judicial-Inc as a reference seek outside verification of its statements. As you can see, the research quality on their well-read Columbine pages is laughably poor to outright farcical. It is high time that the silence surrounding the Columbine cover-up is broken in a widespread manner but Judicial-Inc is not helping in this regard. [END] Permalink: Judicial-Inc’s Columbine Shooting Pages