Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

Metanoia’s “Human Resources,” a follow-up to “Psywar,” concerns those social systems currently in effect which tend to induce a transformation in the free-born, natural human beings who enter them into spiritually broken worker-consumer drones and the behaviorist psychological theories which contributed directly to their development. (Contrary to widespread misconception, the corporate jargon term in question, “human resources,” does not refer to “resources for humans” but rather, “those resources which are human.”) As the gears of this terrible machine turn, a certain type of “progress” is made, one which leads directly toward the total enslavement of mankind. “Human Resources” is a fairly direct confrontation of the non-recognition of the intrinsic value of life which lies at the heart of psychopathy. [END] Permalink: Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century


There’s not much to be said about Metanoia’s “Psywar” except that it bears watching. A history of the public relations industry, this outstanding documentary explores the highly deleterious impact of organized and well-funded propaganda efforts on a would-be democratic society. [END] Permalink: Psywar

Mind Control and the Moonies

Above, ex-Scientologists-turned-whistleblowers Larry Brennan and Nancy Many and ex-Moonie-turned-cult expert Steve Hassan have a post-rally conversation about why people, intelligent people no less, join cults, among other topics. Below, Scoobie Davis presents some information on the dangers of the Moonies from a political perspective.
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The TSA’s Body Scanners by Chertoff and the Underwear Bomber False Flag Event

Above, fictitious bogeyman/George W. Bush alter ego Osama bin Laden demonstrates his Photoshopped pleasure at the beginnings of the more advanced phases of America’s national lockdown. Below, the TSA and their body scanners, which were promoted by former DHS head Michael Chertoff, who stood to gain financially from their use, after what was surely a false flag terror scare, are shown to be a public menace. It’s our choice but it doesn’t come easily: “Papers, please” or “People Power.” TSA Agent Accused of Stealing Cash from Wheelchair-Bound Woman TSA Pat-Down Leaves Traveler Covered in Urine TSA: Total Sexual Assault TSA Frisks Groom Children to Cooperate with Sex Predators, Abuse Expert Says TSA Agents Use Same Set of Gloves to Carry Out Multiple Grope Downs Scientists Warn Airport X-Ray Scanners May Be Unsafe Review of the TSA X-Ray Backscatter Body Scanner Safety Report: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife Refusing Full Body X-Ray Scans at the Airport “Pilot to TSA: “No Groping Me and No Naked Photos”" TSA Encounter at SAN (a must-read) “Next Step for Scanners Could Be Trains, Boats, Metro” [END] Permalink: The TSA’s Body Scanners by Chertoff and the Underwear Bomber False Flag Event

Was Ted Kaczynski Really the Unabomber?

From the 1970′s to the 1990′s, a string of mail bomb attacks gained America’s attention. The bombs were peculiar in nature, having been made of wood and sometimes adorned with carvings. Eventually, a political manifesto, said to have been written by the bomber (or bombers — the authors refer to themselves as “we”) was published in the New York Times and Washington Post. In 1995, a Montana hermit named Ted Kaczynski was apprehended by the FBI and became known as the “lone nut” solely responsible for the attacks. So many times in the cases of the high-profile mass shootings, bombings and assassinations, there is speculation about some sort of MKULTRA-style mind control of the patsy, MKULTRA generally being used as a blanket term. In the case of the Unabomber, however, Kaczynski literally was a victim of a branch of the CIA’s MKULTRA proper at Harvard University, where he had been enrolled at the age of sixteen, and yet very little has been written about it from a skeptical viewpoint. As his brother, David, explains above, Ted was abused for three years in a program disguised as graduate psychological research but which actually sought behavior modification by covert means (and sounds a lot like Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Jeremy Glick). In Ted, we have all the ingredients of a supervillainous patsy, a new model of enemy to be devoured by the wrath of Joe Public, but is he really the guy, especially since it seems like guys like him — Atta and co., McVeigh and Nichols, Harris and Klebold, etc. — never really are, or at least that’s not the whole story? Many of the bombs, for instance, seem to have been beyond the ability of a man who lived without electricity. More information can be found here, here, here, here and here. [END] Permalink: Was Ted Kaczynski Really the Unabomber?

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

Richard Nixon may have been correct when he said that the U. S. in Vietnam had shown a degree of restraint unprecedented in the annals of war, but not in the way he probably intended that statement to be taken. Here, Marshall Thomas’ “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program” documents various intelligence and military programs which, Thomas contends, are extensions of Vietnam-era assassination programs aimed at neutralizing political dissent in America by means of exotic technology designed to terrorize and harass opponents of the existing order. Errata are here. Thomas’ web site is here. Parts one, two and three are posted in reverse order per Thomas’ instructions for viewing. Certain sections of the three parts have some redundancies, such as the first fifteen minutes of parts one and three, but are unique overall. [END] Permalink: Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

Evidence of Revision 5: RFK Assassination, MKULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre

This is part five of six of “Evidence of Revision,” an eight-hour video collection which covers many a taboo subject in American history including the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, the causes of the Vietnam war, the social uprisings of the 1960s and ’70s, the Jonestown massacre, government mind control programs such as MKULTRA, and vote rigging and political corruption at the highest levels. This installment continues with part four’s discussion of the RFK assassination as it pertains to the unusual behavior of Kennedy’s presumed killer, Sirhan Sirhan, and moves into a discussion of mind control “doctors” such as the once highly regarded Ewan Cameron, who destroyed the lives of countless hundreds of psychiatric patients through exotic forms of scientifically administered torture aimed at complete and total brainwashing of the victim. Finally, part five covers possible CIA operative Jim Jones and his highly abusive “Peoples Temple” cult, which was destroyed in a mass suicide in 1978 — or was it mass murder? [END] Permalink: Evidence of Revision 5: RFK Assassination, MKULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre

Evidence of Revision 4: The RFK Assassination

This is part four of six of “Evidence of Revision,” an eight-hour video collection which covers many a taboo subject in American history including the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, the causes of the Vietnam war, the social uprisings of the 1960s and ’70s, the Jonestown massacre, government mind control programs such as MKULTRA, and vote rigging and political corruption at the highest levels. The first half of this installment highlights the bid for the Democratic Party nomination for President undertaken by then-Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968 which, along with his life, was cut short by gunfire in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in June of that year. The second half focuses on evidence that Sirhan Sirhan, a busboy at the hotel who is officially Kennedy’s lone assassin, is, in fact, anything but, and that a much larger plot was in effect on the night in question. [END] Permalink: Evidence of Revision 4: The RFK Assassination

The Beltway Snipers

From Dave McGowan’s Center for an Informed America Newsletter #20 comes a special bulletin on the DC Snipers, who weaved a trail of terror roughly concurrent with the Anthrax attacks in October of 2001 during the “modernization” of the U. S. intelligence and police services beginning on 9/11/01. Excerpts:

“Although [suspect John Allen] Muhammad is generally portrayed by the media as a chronically unemployed drifter who made a habit of staying at homeless shelters, he doesn’t appear to have had money problems. Consider all of the following facts which have emerged in various press accounts: Before kidnapping his children, Muhammad was ordered to pay nearly $900 per month in child support ($869, by one account), indicating that the court had reason to believe that he had a fairly substantial income at the time. He has reportedly owned, or co-owned, a number of businesses, including a karate school, an auto repair shop, and something that he called, strangely enough, “Reality Enterprises.” A number of witnesses have commented on the incongruity of an allegedly homeless man who always had money to spend. The L.A. Times reported that a former girlfriend told her family that Muhammad’s “story didn’t make any sense … He was a hard-luck drifter with money, a man who could pick up and fly to the Caribbean whenever he got the inclination.” The same Times report added that “She wasn’t the only one asking questions … The director of the shelter has said [of Muhammad] … ‘He was rather secretive about his past and present … He was closed-mouthed. He didn’t have a visible source of income, but he was able to travel at a moment’s notice.’” The Independent Online noted that with “no apparent means of support, Muhammad and companion John Lee Malvo traveled from the Caribbean to the north-western United States, and points in between, over the past year and a half. How they financed their activities remains a mystery.” The man who runs the homeless mission where Muhammad last stayed in Washington state, Reverend Alan Archer, was reportedly “amazed to see Muhammad getting phone calls from a travel agent.” Archer recalled that Muhammad flew off on ski trips to both Denver and Salt Lake City. While living in Antigua, with no visible means of support, Muhammad nevertheless was able to send all three of his children to an exclusive, private school. [...] Clearly there was someone, or some entity, bankrolling Muhammad’s activities. Who were his hidden benefactors? The media will likely either avoid the issue entirely or attempt to link Muhammad to some sort of ‘terrorist’ organization, although it isn’t likely that many fingers will be pointed at his most likely benefactor: that world-wide terrorist organization that we all know and love as the CIA. [Update: former investigative reporter Jim Rarey has looked into Muhammad's criminal history and discovered that none of the alleged sniper's past arrests appear in the FBI's national database. Rarey has also raised questions about the ease with which Muhammad has avoided prosecution for his crimes. The obvious inference is that "the government for some reason was protecting Muhammad."

Additional stories on the gun shop which allegedly sold the sniper rifle, as well as the guns in several other shootings of a similarly questionable nature: ATF Would Pull Dealer´s License in DC Sniper Case Feds Pull License of Shop That Stocked Sniper Rifle Gun Shop´s New Operator Gets License [END] Permalink: The Beltway Snipers

The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War

“The Ground Truth” documents the stories of American soldiers who have been involved in the war in Iraq and their experiences both at abroad and after their return from the Middle East. They discuss the indoctrination and personality restructuring they experienced upon entering the military, beginning with the deceptive enticements of the recruitment table on through the suffering of combat and finally in the shattered lives they lead after their tours are over. [END] Permalink: The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War