Globalization and the Media & Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media

Above are two short media-critical films from different filmmakers. At top, “Globalization and the Media” from the Media Education Foundation highlights the rise of independent and primarily internet-based journalism in recent years. (Many more excellent videos touching on various topics related to the media and society are available at the link.) At bottom, part three of “Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media” (parts one and two are unavailable) discusses the convergence of upper-class interests in the governance of American media. [END] Permalink: Globalization and the Media & Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media

Why the Facts of 9/11 Are Suppressed

John McMurtry’s lecture, “Why the Facts of 9/11 Are Suppressed: Understanding the Ruling Group Mind Behind the War Without End,” is an incisive critique of the mass schizophrenia gripping the U. S. and its allies in their waging of the so-called “War on Terror” with the 9/11 attacks as their justification. The “big disconnection,” according to McMurtry: “What, before 9/11, was a world slowly coming under universal norms of life protection and understanding of the destructive life-blindness of the global market system was, after 9/11, a monoculture of one enemy which was disconnected from every real problem humanity faces.” [END] Permalink: Why the Facts of 9/11 Are Suppressed

The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw

Barrie Zwicker’s “The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw” is a nice overview of the reasons to doubt the official story of the 9/11 attacks. Here is some additional information on Philip Zelikow, executive director of the 9/11 Commission and a member of the Clinton-Bush transition team. It should also be noted that 1998, the year that Zelikow’s “Catastrophic Terrorism” was published, was also the year that the neocons’ Project for the New American Century group was beginning its push on Bill Clinton to attack Iraq and essentially begin the so-called “War on Terror” at that time. [END] Permalink: The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw

Lies of the Iraq War

Here, the CBC walks us through some of the many flaws in the casus belli that led to the U. S. military and the private mercenary firms that they contracted to aid them, and to share in the loot, both foreign and domestic, entering Iraq with the intention of overthrowing Saddam Hussein in 2003. While some attention is given here to reporter Seymour Hirsch’s take on the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a “neoconservative” think-tank who have been credited as the authors of the plans for the war, as a group of utopian idealists, it ought to be considered that the PNAC plans revolve around the astoundingly violent concept of “full spectrum dominance” by the U. S. worldwide which includes even the will to deny other nations the use of outer space. Theirs is literally a proposal of world conquest. “Former” CIA operative Robert Baer also adds what should be the already obvious fact that there is “no evidence” that Saddam Hussein had any links to the 9/11 attacks, perhaps to imply the “Afghanistan-war-good, Iraq-war-bad” line of argument which has been taken up by many members of the Democratic Party. However, there is also questionable evidence at best that “Al Qaeda,” however that term may be defined, was linked in any way to the 9/11 attacks, itself, as FBI publicity chief Rex Tomb has told reporters that there is, quote, “no hard evidence” even that Osama bin Laden, when it gets right down to it, was responsible for 9/11. The current state of the Afghanistan war, ostensibly being fought against these same “Al Qaeda” terrorists, now nine years on with no end in sight and almost no “progress” of any kind by any definition having been made, except, perhaps, in the financial sense for those “in the club,” ought to speak to the intentions of those who originated these claims in the first place. [END] Permalink: Lies of the Iraq War

Palestine, the Zionists and America

Gaza, We Will Not Forget You Today has been chosen by the Palestine Legal Aid Fund for a blog campaign to raise awareness about the blockade on Gaza and I have chosen to participate by writing a piece which discusses Palestine and the Zionists. I would like to say to the people of Palestine today that, from my seat in a historically comfortable but increasingly troubled America, I am thinking of you, urging the U. S. government officials in my area to drop whatever support they are showing for the Zionist effort, and considering other political actions I can take to help to bring a rapid end to the horrific conditions to which you have been subjected at the hands of the Zionists. Since American social studies and history classes generally do not teach anything about Palestinian-Zionist relations, it has only been relatively recently that I have become aware of the specifics of your plight. The currents of pro-Zionist propaganda in the American school system and television and print media are very strong and effectively blanket out any voices speaking narratives other than those approved by the Zionists, as they have done for decades. However, since the radical shift in the balance of media power recently brought about by the opportunities for free communication afforded by the Internet and inexpensive printing technology, I, like many others, have gained access to previously suppressed viewpoints such as those questioning and condemning the Zionist occupation of Palestine. I would like to take advantage of this window for expression right now by sharing some of what I have learned about your history with the Zionists and America’s history with the Zionists so that others who may not have come across such information as of yet might do so. To reiterate my earlier point about the general state of knowledge in America, where we Americans have been told anything at all, we have been raised mostly on lies regarding the Zionist regime which has terrorized Palestine and her neighbors, one of the foremost of these being that the United Nations gave the Zionists a state called “Israel” in Palestine because they felt sorry for them after many Jews were killed during World War II. However, the United Nations does not have the authority to create nations. Rather, in 1946, Zionist terrorists who had disguised themselves as Arabs smuggled a bomb into the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, then controlled by the British, and exploded it, killing dozens of civilians, including 17 Jews. In the wake of the shock and awe caused by this violence, the Zionist terrorists, including future Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir, would go on to declare the creation of a state called “Israel,” originally intended by the official founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, to include all land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers. This declaration was then recognized, but not authored, by U. N. officials. United States President Harry Truman was especially quick to recognize the Zionists’ creation, giving his recognition a mere eleven minutes after the pronouncement by the Zionists. Despite this warm beginning, international relations with the Zionists quickly turned south for a time when a failed Zionist terrorist plot in Egypt with American facilities as its target was exposed. This incident, which was known as the Shameful Affair and also the Lavon Affair after the Zionist leader, Pinhas Lavon, upon whom official blame for the conspiracy was placed, occurred in 1954. Zionist willingness to endanger and even kill Americans became even more apparent in 1967, when Zionist forces strafed, napalmed and torpedoed the American ship, USS Liberty, in international waters, and then fired upon the lifeboats as the American crew tried to escape. Somehow, despite these attacks, despite the decades of war between the Zionists and the formerly peaceful Arab nations surrounding Palestine, and despite espionage scandal after espionage scandal of Zionist agents in the U. S., many top U. S. officials remained, for the most part, strongly pro-Zionist. By the end of the 20th century, the U. S. government was full of individuals who seemed much more attached to the Zionist agenda than to projects which would ensure peace for America. This point is perhaps best illustrated by the quote-unquote “neoconservative” group which surrounded George W. Bush during his days in the White House, many of whom held membership in policy groups such as the strongly pro-Zionist American Enterprise Institute, Hudson Institute, and Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which, in September 2000, called for a massive U. S. military buildup which, it conceded, could likely gain public support only by a disaster on the scale of, quote, “a new Pearl Harbor.” As a 2003 BBC Panorama documentary called “War Party” demonstrates, key individuals in this group include Paul Wolfowitz, who had previously worked directly to set Zionist policy aimed at causing, quote, “A Clean Break” with the peace process in Palestine, and Richard Perle, who had been investigated by the U. S. on suspicion of espionage in 1983. These were the individuals who perhaps most directly laid the groundwork for the broad U. S. military offensives collectively termed the “Global War on Terror” which have been continued in large part by the Obama administration during its rule. Last month, for instance, a seaborne humanitarian aid convoy was launched from Turkey to Gaza with the intention of circumventing the blockade on basic goods imposed by the Zionists upon the residents of the Gaza Strip. When the ships were forcibly boarded by armed Zionist commandos in international waters and several among the crew were shot and killed, the Zionists drew ire from all corners of the world, even prompting a boycott of Zionist-produced goods from occupied territories in the West Bank from UK Methodists. The U. S. government, on the other hand, has refused even to seriously criticize the Zionists’ use of lethal violence in this way, even though Americans were among those killed and seriously injured. A full investigation of the flotilla attack is still forthcoming. However, prior to the flotilla raid, Israel also received tremendous scorn for its bloody 2008-2009 military offensive in Gaza which left approximately 1,400 Palestinians, many of them civilians, dead, and the Palestinian infrastructure in ruins. A few years prior to that, the Zionists also unleashed bewildering violence against Lebanon, leaving it devastated as well. For a comprehensive look at the 2008-2009 Gaza massacre, there is the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, also known as the Goldstone Report, written by Richard Goldstone for the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. Goldstone’s team included among their findings that the Zionists had repeatedly and deliberately made Palestinian civilians and civilian facilities a target of their military offensives in contravention of international law. In response, the Zionists, who, according to the report, refused even to meet with the U. N. mission, created several web sites lamenting the “bias and discrimination” of the U. N. against them. Despite the droning cries of “neo-Nazi” and “anti-Semite” by the Zionists and by innocent Jews who mistakenly look to them for leadership, I, like many who have emphasized these points in recent years, am not a fascist by any stretch of the term, nor I am anti-Jewish, but I believe that the complex phenomenon known as Zionism, which was funded from its inception by wealthy bankers and political figures in the West such as the Rothschild family and which was quite distinct from the small and peaceful settlements of Jewish religious pilgrims living in Palestine in the early twentieth century and prior, may, itself, be both. The rulers of the Zionist entity have repeatedly put Jewry in harm’s way for political purposes while maintaining a racist apartheid system in which Arabs are treated as subhuman in much the same way that slaves were treated in early America (and indeed, that some non-whites in America are still treated on the basis of race today). In America, the ground is still bloody from the massacres of the First Nation peoples who once inhabited this land in large numbers but whose ancestors today have been herded into patches of ghetto called “reservations” and been subjected to constant low-level warfare on a variety of fronts. The shame and horror of the founding of the United States in this regard is now widely, if somewhat shallowly, recognized. As Americans, how can any of us who have attempted at all to come to terms with our own history in this regard look upon the imposition of the Zionist program of terror in Palestine, which is dependent on U. S. aid for its very existence, as anything but a technologically updated but otherwise near-exact repeat of our own atrocities and worthy of absolute condemnation and a total withdrawal of support? [END] Permalink: Palestine, the Zionists and America