The PentaCon: Smoking Gun Version

Between 2003 and 2006, not a great deal of new research on 9/11 was performed. A majority of the information which circulated at this time criticizing the official story of the attacks was based upon points which had already been made in years prior. In 2007, however, the Citizen Investigation Team published new information in “The PentaCon,” a video which summarized their original interviews with eyewitnesses to the Pentagon attack, a segment of the attacks which had left so many researchers confused due to the lack of video footage of the event and other factors. From their research, the CIT group came to the conclusion that a large airplane had most likely flown toward the Pentagon along a different trajectory than the official one, then flew over the top of the section of the Pentagon which showed damage later on while an explosion of some other origin occurred which was responsible for the explosion there. Many of the witnesses to this event specifically stated that the plane made its approach on the north side rather than the south side of a CITGO gas station near to the Pentagon, meaning that the plane’s trajectory could not match the official version and its downed light poles and other damage. [END] Permalink: The PentaCon: Smoking Gun Version