Columbine Shooting Government Document Library

The items below comprise an index of Columbine shooting document numbers JC-001-000001 through JC-001-026859 plus additional documents. The files have been released into the public domain by various government agencies since 1999 and occupy approximately 2 GB disk space total.

I have reorganized the PDFs in the section titled “11,000 Pages of Investigative Files” so that each original section of the documents has its own PDF; previously, these documents had been distributed in roughly 100-page chunks irrespective of their contents.

Thanks are due to those families of the injured and their supporters who persistently exerted pressure toward the release of these files as well as to others who have kept interest in these files alive and the files themselves freely available over the years.

Pages 1 through 10,937: 11,000 Pages of Investigative Files (a. k. a. “The 11K”)

Pages 10,938 through 11,138B: Evidence log; alleged duplicate of the May 2001 release, pages 11,264 through 12,237

  • n/a

11,139 through 11,157: Columbine Task Force Library Team

11,158 through 11,251: Neil Gardner Interview Transcript

11,252 through 11,263: unknown files

  • n/a

11,264 through 11,865: Evidence Volume One

11,866 through 12,337: Evidence Volume Two

12,238 through 12,292: FBI Misc. Interviews and Reports

12,238 through 12,547: Library Team Reports Teams 1-5

12,548 through 12,975: Library Teams 1 & 2: Sketch Notes/Other Maps & Measurements

12,976 through 13,332: Tips A through L

13,333 through 13,650: Tips M through Z

13,651 through 14,224: Internet Book

14,225 through 15,627: Threats – Schools, Threats – Miscellaneous, Connected Reports – JCSO, Connected Reports – Other Agencies

15,628: Cassette tape of a portion of the Jefferson County 911 calls

15,629: CD Rom of the FBI diagrams

  • n/a

15,630 through 15,872: FBI Crime Scene Processing Team reports and sketches

  • n/a

15,873 through 15,904: Arvada Police Department reports; alleged duplicates of information included in other releases

  • n/a

15,905 through 15,909: CBI Laboratory report; alleged duplicate of information included in 11,000 Pages of Investigative Files

  • n/a

15,910 through 15,911: Another copy of the FBI diagrams

  • n/a

15,912 through 15,916: Patti Nielson 911 Call Transcript

15,917 through 15,954: 911 Calls Log)

15,955 through 16,266: Misc. Evidence Vault Documents

16,267 through 16,320: Student/Staff Location List

16,321 through 16,388: Master Index of Investigative Materials

16,389 through 16,394: Harris & Klebold Sub-Index

16,395 through 16,696: Supplemental Reports

16,697 through 17,106: unknown files

  • n/a

17,107 through 25,647: Lead Tracking Sheets

25,648 through 25,655: unknown files

  • n/a

25,656 through 25,889: Search Warrants

25,890 through 25,922: unknown files

  • n/a

25,923 through 26,859: 936 Pages of Documents Seized from Harris and Klebold Residences/Vehicles

911 Recordings

Autopsy Reports

Autopsy Summaries

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Files

Draft Search Affidavit of Harris Home

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Documents (Set One)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Documents (Set Two)

Grand Jury Report: Investigation of Missing Guerra Files

Juvenile Diversion Program Files

Police Radio Recordings

Randy Brown’s Request to the Columbine Open Records Review Committee on Items to be Released

Reinvestigation Into the Death of Daniel Rohrbough at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 (a. k. a. “The El Paso Report”)

Report of Governor Bill Owens’ Columbine Review Commission

Report of the Investigation into Missing Daily Field Activity and Daily Subrpervisor Reports Related to the Columbine High School Shootings

Wanton Violence at Columbine High School Documents